Activities within the scope of voluntary certification - Product Certification

For the purposes of voluntary product certification, the Client submits an application for the conduction of a certification process for a product that is not required to undergo such a process by law.

Commissioning a third party assessment – applying for a voluntary product certification process – and obtaining a positive result in the form of a certificate increases the “technical prestige” of the product, and also strengthens consumer trust in terms of the declared qualities of the product. It often happens that customers specifically seek certified products, as it constitutes a way of minimising the risk related to their purchase, which thus becomes an “obligation” for the supplier.

At the Central Mining Institute’s Conformity Assessment Body, the voluntary certification of products is performed by the Certification Team. Should a product be given a positive assessment, we issue conformity certificates or certificates permitting the marking of products with safety signs.

The testing related to the voluntary product certification process is conducted by accredited GIG Laboratories.